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I never knew that incubating TwitSnaps would give me an opportunity to do something I was always longing for - creating photo albums and commenting over them (In our 140 character world which we all have to come to live in-this whole thing is called Photo Blogging)

One of the first tasks I carried out after deciding to photo-blog was to create a dedicated entity on Twitter for that, many of you maybe familiar, my Twitter identity which is allowing me to pursue my passion is called PhotoClog. PhotoClog has allowed me to bring out my collection of photographs of many parts of the world together, it has also ignited in me the desire to pick up my camera again and just go and shoot. After ages I found myself setting out for planned shootings, recently I shot Sunset over San Jose and created an album Sunset and Beyond ( ) I have added about 10 photographs in this album and I plan to add many more. Twitter has taught us many things, one of those things is the #tag or Hash tags- I have used #tag extensively to create my album, it took less than30 seconds per photograph to do so and my album was getting ready automatically.

There aretwo things which I have started keeping in mind, first and foremost quality of my shoot - right camera, appropriate theme and correct lighting is critical for right raw stock. A good photograph is only half the job done, the other half is the quality of comment you write and the message you want to communicate. It is important that they both get carried together as one bundle, the comment has to be married to the photograph and that is must.

As I get deep into photo-blogging I can see my mind becoming lighter, the weight of all that is happening around us feel less heavy and I can see change in the air. Positivity is a tangible benefit which has come my way and I would like all of you to have one live hobby which is just not for your CV, but a part of your life.

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Simarprit Singh

Simarprit Singh