Creating an ethical culture is essential for a company to instill and maintain a commitment for achieving its targets on time and also for providing the best quality in products, services and solutions.

Our work ethos at Compare Infobase can be summed up by the term ESHQ that stands for Entrepreneurship, Speed, Horizon and Quality.

Entrepreneurship We believe that entrepreneurship is the prime requisite for a committed and passionate workforce. An entrepreneur is a person who has an eye for opportunity and also the ability to achieve it, despite the risks involved.

Speed The zeal to achieve our goals and the passion to respect deadlines is what we believe in. We aspire to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with our clients by ensuring that all deliverables reach the client on time or sooner, without comprising the quality of our products and services.

Horizon We at Compare Infobase stay focused on the larger picture and always look beyond our immediate tasks. We believe that a good professional looks for an opportunity, even in adversity, and has the guts to make it successful.

Quality Compare Infobase is dedicated to producing quality products and software solutions for our clients. We believe that quality is a measure of excellence and a good professional must be able to deliver more and better than the set standards every time.

In order to perpetuate this philosophy of ESHQ across different layers and generations of the organization we have also instituted monthly awards, viz. Best Entrepreneur, Best Speedster, Mr./Ms. Doordarshi, and Mr./Ms. Quality, for excelling in one or more than one of the four pillars of the ESHQ. This has helped in popularizing the concept among the employees of the company.

Moreover, ESHQ is not just another concept coined at Compare Infobase; rather it is the core philosophy of the company. It has become a process of Human Resource Development method for us and it permeates the whole business process of the organization. It is part of the work culture ingrained in the organization. We live by this philosophy day in day out and that is why we believe In ESHQ always.