Independence Day Celebration at Compare Infobase Ltd
Compare Infobase celebrated India’s 63rd Independence Day on the 13th of August.

Though the Independence Day celebrations are held in the office every year, nevertheless the enthusiasm was quite obvious. The whole office was decorated with lots of tricolor balloons & flags which evoked the patriotic feeling in all of us.

To top the occasion it was mandatory for all to wear traditional dress in Tri Color. The participation was in full and the feeling of patriotism could be seen in one and all.

As a part of celebration we had a special lunch for all. It was a deliciously tempting menu, Veg. Biryani, Puri and Raita. To sweeten our taste buds we had Moong Dal halwa which was absolutely Yum and fantastic. Everyone relished the same.

Lunch was followed by work but only to gather and enjoy in the evening for an I. D celebrations.

Evening was a big blast as we had a lot of exciting things lined up as a part of the celebrations. The weather was perfect to have the get-together on the terrace. At 5:00pm everyone completed their tasks and gathered for the celebrations. The event started with all of us singing our National Anthem. This was followed by a special Quiz based on the Independence Day which had chocolates as prize for the correct answer. It got a very hearting response. Everybody participated and lots of prizes were distributed. Hitesh was able to give the names of all the Prime Ministers India has had till date in proper sequence. Vishwaranjan was able to tell the names of all the symbols of India. Many tried and failed but yet continued trying in hope to win atleast one chocolate. Traditionally dressed men and women were also awarded with a chocolate.

Quiz competition was followed by kite flying. All gathered with Chakris and kites and a cut throat competition began among them. There were light snacks for all. The tempting pakora’s were complementing with the pleasant weather

To add icing on the cake, a contest was rolled out by the Twip snaps team. All members of twitter could post their snaps on Twitsnaps related to Independent India and win loads of Cash Prizes. So everybody geared up for the week-end with the motive of clicking and posting snaps of the “Independent India”

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.~ Richard Bach

And that’s just what we did