Employee Welfare Initiatives

Compare truly believes that establishing structure where Performance is a key driver of organizational effectiveness and growth. To deliver performance it is imperative to have a Positive Workplace that empowers employees and provides opportunities for Continuous Development and Learning. Thus, in order to make Performance as a Compare’s Trademark, HR has come up with few initiatives-

Five Days Work Schedule: From 1st December 2009 onwards, all Saturdays will be off. This will help employees to comfortably cater to their personal work and hobbies.

Cut the Cake: A get-together will be organized to celebrate employees' birthday at the end of every month. In this event (" CUT THE CAKE"), birthday boys/girls of that month will be congratulated by everybody over the cake cutting ceremony.

EL Encashment: Everyone can consume their Earned Leaves (EL) during that particular year. If not consumed, they will be encashed @ Basic of the salary break-up at the end of the financial year.

Focus on Trainings: In an endeavor towards emphasizing on Skills development of every individual in Compare, we have initiated trainings in all departments. This will help in addressing the present productivity issues, thus making our Organization a Productive and a Learning Organization. As a part of this drive, every employee will have to undergo minimum 5 hrs of training every month, which will be taken into account at the time of their appraisal.  Also, we invite people to come forward as a trainer, to impart their Knowledge & Skills relevant for the growth of other individuals.  The topic could be related to one's own domain- Operational/Technical, Managerial or Behavioral which could add value to all.

Compare is striking to achieve a holistic balance between work, fun, employee developments… the result: a productive, motivated, loyal & progressive workforce!!!