IT Tip of the Month

Data Security, Corporate Liability & Cyber Law: Overview

Data Security: Protection of information assets needs to be addressed not only at the technical security level but also at the legal compliance and policy framework level to ensure a well rounded approach towards Information asset security. Data theft, unauthorized copying , alteration or deletion of data, hacking, identity thefts, IPR violation, unauthorized access, are just a few issues  that are causing serious concern in corporations and need to be handled effectively to ensure a clean, safe and secure work environment.

Corporate Liability: One who does something through another does it himself; goes a legal maxim that explains the responsibility of a principal vis-ą-vis the acts of his agent. Extend this maxim to the IT and internet-enabled business organizations or for that matter any organization having a decent IT  infrastructure and you have on hand an utterly chaotic as well as a risky situation.

  • employees leave their seats without shutting down their desktops, encouraging others to play mischief
  • employees use computers and internet to send out obscene or derogatory messages
  • employees resign and yet continue to have access to their e-mail id which they misuse
  • employees may use pirated software or crack licenses without the employers knowledge or permission
The amended IT Act: Has stringent provisions by which the employer is liable for the acts of its employees in case certain precautions are not taken e.g. having a policy in the organization that regulates the use of Computers and internet by employees.

Contributed by: Prashanta Roy