S.No.Book's NameEditionWriter's Name
1Java 1.2 class libraries unleashed Sankar etal
2Core swing advanced programming Topley
3Software engineering7th editionSommerville
4VB script (Interactive course) Simon
5Linux (apache web server administrator) Aulds
6Programming web graphics with Perl & GNU software Shawn P. Wallace
7Active Server Pages 2.0 Hettihewa
8Discover India (French)Jan-June 1999 
9Discover India (French)Aug-Dec 1999 
10Discover India (French)Apr-Dec 1992 
11Beginning ATL 3 Cam2003Richard Grimes
12Advanced PHP Programming George Schlossngle
13Discover India (english ) Jul-Dec 1998 
14Discover India Vol 3Jan-June1990 
15Discover India Vol 1July-Dec 1991 
16Discover India Vol 4Jan-June 1991 
17Discover India (french)Jan-Dec 1991 
18Discover India (german)Jan-Dec 1991 
19Discover India (german)Jan-Dec 1990 
20Discover India Jan-Dec 1995 
21Discover India (english ) Jan-Dec 1992 
22Linux 6 include Red hat David pitts & Bill balletal
23Flash 4 web special effect Milburn & Croteau
24Computer Graphics Hearn Baker
25Cannon technical writing7th editionPaul Klee
26Programming languages design & implementation2nd editionPratt
27Remote Access Robichaux
28CGI How To Stephen asbury
29Oracle developer 2000 Ivan Bayross
30Microsoft Window functions Zortech C++  
31XML in a nutshell Herald & Means
32Foxpro 2.6 (programmer's guide to 2nd editionHoward Dickler
33Using CGI 2nd editionDwight, Ervin & Niles
34Linux network server (1st book). Craig hunt
35Linux network server (2nd book) Craig hunt
36Java Swing  eckstein loy & wood
37Linux apache web server administration (1st book) Aulds
38Systems analysis & design 2nd editionElias M.Awad
39Database developer's guide with visual basic 6First Edition:1999Roger Jennings
40Hotel & Restaurant guide India 991999 
41Discover India (English)Jan-June 1996 
42Discover India (English)July-Dec 1996 
43Discover India (German)Jan-Dec 1988 
44Discover India (English)July-Dec 1997 
45Discover India (french)July-Dec 1997 
46Discover India (German)Jan-Dec 1989 
47Discover India (french)Jan-Dec 1990 
48Discover India (German)July-Dec 1997 
49Discover India (German)Feb-Dec 1998 
50Discover India (German)Jan-June 1999 
51Discover India (German)Jan-Dec 1992 
52Discover India (German)Jan-June 1996 
53Discover India (German)1995 
54Discover India (french)Jan-Dec 1989 
55Discover IndiaJan-Dec 1994 
56Discover India (french)1995 
57Discover India (french)Jan-June 1997 
58Discover India (french)July-Dec 1996 
59Discover India (french)Feb-Dec 1998 
60Discover India (english)Jan-June 1997 
61Blue Ocean strategy  W.Chan Kim
62The ABC's of d base 4th Robert Cowart
63DNS & Bind  Paul Albitz
64How computer works 4th EditionRon White
65Libraries catalogue1999Corel
66Remote access1999Paul E. Robichan
67The unified modeling language user guide Grady Booch
68Java 1.2 Jamic Jaworski
69Cryptography & Network Security  William Stallings
70Macromedia Fireworks 3 Macromedia
71Linux network servers Craig hunt
72Algorithms Data Structures Niklaus Wirth
73Law of Information Technology D.P Mittal
74Macromedia Dreamweaver Macromedia
75NT server 4 MCSE Exam notes  
76American history Irwin Unger
77Java and XML Brett Melaughlin
78Goa Lonely Planet
79Flash MX Unleashed  
80Visual Basic 6 Programming ( Black Book)Reprint 2007Steven Holzner
81Medical DictionaryDictionaryMedical
82Thesaurus DictionaryDictionaryThesaurus
83Computer DictionaryDictionaryComputer
84English DictionaryDictionaryEnglish
85Business DictionaryDictionaryBusiness
86Spelling DisctionaryDictionarySpelling
87Active Server pagesAxex Homarver 3
88The painting world of the warlis Yoshodhars DalmiaYoshodhars Dalmia
89India's 500 Top companies 20062006
90Programming with JAVA2nd editionE Balagurusamy
91The JAVA FAQPearson EducationJonni Kanerva
92The Complete Reference, Java Server FacesTata McGraw-Hill EditionChris Schalk, Ed Burns, James Holmes
93Red Hat Certified Engineer Linux2004 Edition, Fourth EditionMichael Jang
94Professional VB.NET2002Fred Barwell
95India 20062006 
96The Java Tutorial2nd editionMary Campione & Kathy Walrath
97JFC 2D graphics and ImagingFirst EditionSatyaraj Pantham
98HTML 4Premium EditionDeborah S. Ray & Eric J. Ray
99India in Slow Motion Mark Tully
100Programming PHP2002Rasmus Lerdorf & Kevin Tatroe
101Java Servlet Programming2000Jason Hunter
102The Great Indian Novel Shashi Tharoor
103Beyond The Limits Donella H. Meadows
104COM/DCOM Unleased1999Randy Abernethy
105Management of Public Relations and Communication Sailesh Sengupta
106Footprint Goa Robert & Roma Bradnock
107The Data Warehouse ETL Toolkit Kimball & Caserta
108Linux Network Servers Craig hunt
109CGI How To Stephen Asbury
110Eicher City Guide Delhi Eicher
111Discover India(French)Jan-Dec 1988 
112Flash Magic David J.Emberton
113Corel Gallery Corel
114Mastering Java 1.1 Laurence Vanhelsuwe
115I Koob-Black 2 thou sand
116The Software Doctor Dr. Nash
117Corel Gallery Magic Corel
118Survival of the Sickest Dr. Sharon Moalem
119Sendmail Bryan Costales
120Footprint India Robert & Roma Bradnock
121The Art of Building A Brand By top Marketers
1221001 Ways to Save the Planet Bernadettee Valleily
123Investing in India 2009 
124Linux (apache web server administrator) Charles Aulds
125Pure Java Script Jason Gilliam, Charlton Ting,R.Allen Wyke
126Drupal Angela Byron,
127Rajasthan, Delhi and Agra Lonely Planet
128Weekend Breaks from Banagalore Outlook Traveller
129Weekend Breaks from Mumbai Outlook Traveller
130General Studies Vishal Publications
131Weekend Breaks from Delhi Outlook Traveller
132Kerala & Lakshadweep Outlook Traveller
133Goa Outlook Traveller
134India DK
135Limca Book of Records 19941994 
136PG Colleges & Professional Institutes in Delhi SAP